Our contract manufacturing services go beyond delivering the highest quality products for our customers. We have a greater mission in mind: to leverage our success to foster whole life transformation for our employees, plant communities, and each individual we connect with on a daily basis. That means creating jobs, promoting a culture of respect and integrity, and building sustainable communities both locally and globally. And, of course, it means forging customer relationships built on trust, accountability, and communication. At Swallo, we partner with you to make a difference.

Swallo Flour Mill Products

Eating your favorite Swallo has never been made better. With a combination of different types of flour mill products, Swallo Limited has created a new lifestyle within your own kitchen. Now not only can you prepare a top quality and affordable starch product, you can also use a state of the art kitchen appliance to prepare your favorite Swallo.


Swallo Zobo Drink

We bring to you the all new, fresh and homemade Swallo Zobo Drink Available here in the UK. This is a traditional drink, loved by many of the locals in and out of Africa. It promises you a refreshing taste as well as many health benefits.

Live Life with Swallo Zobo!


Swallo Maker

The swallow maker is an innovative product that is created for the purpose of turning your favourite starch products into a spectacular well finished Swallo, such as:

  • GARRI to EBA
  • MAIZE FLOUR TO UGALI and so much more.

It has been innovated and engineered to specifically cater to reducing efforts for more results while creating a vonsistent mix of starch.


At Swallo, we prioritized our focus on the quality of the starch food products that you will enjoy. We believe that our product should be able to deliver on all promises.


At Swallo. we ensured that the pricing on each of our food products are affordable without the compromise of its quality. We are affordable.


Swallo puts a great deal of focus in ensuring the nutritional constituents within its products.  Our products enables you maintain a consistent nutrition routine.